Streaming Media

Add streaming media to your site. We handle the server setup and maintenance. We'll even get your content ready for streaming. To learn more about QuickTime Streaming Server and QuickTime in general visit Apple's QuickTime web site.

MPEG-4 Support
You can serve ISO-compliant hinted MPEG-4 files to any ISO-compliant MPEG-4 client, including any MPEG-4 enabled device that supports playback of MPEG-4 streams over IP. You can serve on-demand or live MPEG-4 streams, and reflect playlists of MPEG-4 files.

MP3 Streaming
You can serve standard MP3 files using Icecast-compatible protocols over http. Build a playlist of MP3 files and serve them to MP3 clients such as iTunes, SoundJam, WinAmp, or QuickTime Player for a simulated live experience.


Custom built software is where GeerBox really shines.

Web applications designed just for your company can provide services from online orders and payments, fax notification, user profiling, email services, and much more. On-demand reports and output in HTML, PDF, or Excel formats can be generated from your data and downloaded, emailed, or printed and shipped to you or your customers.

GeerBox applications install on nearly any platform and are written using industry-standard languages and techniques. The applications are administrable by anyone using tools you're already familiar with. Hosted solutions please your already over-worked engineering resources. Our crack team of designers will make your web application seamlessly work with your existing branding guidelines and infrastructure.

Fringe Benefits

All of our customers receive access to FileList, the web-based file sharing tool. Customers also receive web-based email, online billing, and detailed web statistics provided through Sawmill web statistics software.

Internet Hosting

Small Business Hosting
5GB Web space
Unlimited web traffic
Unlimited email accounts
Included Domain Name Registration
Included QuickTime Streaming
$50.00 Per Month
$100.00 Setup (waived with one year pre-paid)

Personal Hosting
1GB Web space
Unlimited web traffic
Unlimited email accounts
$10.00 Per Month
$20.00 Setup (waived with one year pre-paid)
Free Setup on Annual Plan

Dedicated Server
These servers have serious power, they can handle even the most resource intensive applications. These servers also come standard with serial ATA controllers and hard drives for all these applications that simply cannot afford delays when reading or writing to the hard drive.

1.5Mbit sustained bandwidth billed at 95th-percentile. Burstable to 10Mbit
That's over 500GB of data per month!
Choice of Dual 2GHz Xserve G5 with Mac OS X Server or Pentium 4 3GHz running Gentoo Linux. (Sorry... we don't do Windows.)
$525 Per Month
$250 Setup (waived with one year pre-paid)

Our data centers offer
Multiple Bandwidth Carriers
UPS Battery Back Up
Generator Power Back Up
Climate Controlled Cooling and Humidity