Integrating Ideas With Technology
GeerBox is a custom web solutions company dedicated to providing the best in web site design and web application development. We specialize in complete application design and development for corporate intranets, online store fronts, and customer support and information sites. Our dynamic HTML experts can exploit the full capabilities of the latest browser technology in your controlled environment or provide a widely-compatible site for the internet at large.

Streaming Media Services
Add streaming media to your site. We handle the server setup and maintenance. We'll even get your content ready for streaming.

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Web applications designed just for your company can provide services from online orders and payments, fax notification, user profiling, email services, and much more. On-demand reports and output in HTML, PDF, or Excel formats can be generated from your data and downloaded, emailed, or printed and shipped to you or your customers.

Our optional managed hosting service can handle all of your IS needs from hardware infrastructure and bandwidth planning to server maintenance and data warehousing. We handle hardware and software upgrades as necessary as well as regular backup of your important data, and provide real-time reporting for traffic, orders, and data collection.

Don't have a server? Don't worry! We'll build one for you!