Quality in a product or service is not what the supplier puts in. It is what the customer gets out.

Server needs vary from company to company. GeerBox offers a variety of custome servers as well as pre-built standard configurations to suit your needs.

Cog Linux Server
Cog Servers are perfect for mixed computing environments, which is to say most computing environments. It doesn’t matter whether you have Mac, Windows, UNIX or Linux clients — or a combination thereof — on your network. Cog Server provides cross-platform support for native file sharing, as well as Apache web server and WebDAV server, POP and IMAP mail, ftp, QuickTime Streaming Server, DNS and DHCP — right out of the box.

Sprocket Mac OS X Server

Designed to deliver the UNIX-based strengths — and cutting-edge capabilities — of Mac OS X Server, this rack-optimized server offers phenomenal processing power, massively expanded storage capacity, and remote management tools that make them a snap to deploy and maintain.

To learn more about Cog or Sprocket server options, including pricing contact us by emailing info@geerbox.com or calling us at 858-527-0908.


Custom built software is where GeerBox really shines.

Web applications designed just for your company can provide services from online orders and payments, fax notification, user profiling, email services, and much more. On-demand reports and output in HTML, PDF, or Excel formats can be generated from your data and downloaded, emailed, or printed and shipped to you or your customers.

GeerBox applications install on nearly any platform and are written using industry-standard languages and techniques. The applications are administrable by anyone using tools you're already familiar with. Hosted solutions please your already over-worked engineering resources. Our crack team of designers will make your web application seamlessly work with your existing branding guidelines and infrastructure.

Web-based file sharing and publishing with the simplicty of dragging a file.

You can see FileList in action by visiting http://filelist.geerbox.com/. FileList is also a Fringe Benefit enjoyed by our hosting customers.